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Student Meal Plans

Whitworth University, in conjunction with the university's caterer Sodexo, has designed a meal program guaranteed to meet your individual needs. To read more about each meal plan and what it offers, visit Whitworth Sodexo Dining.

View your current meal plan on Pirate Port, go directly to your Whitworth Meal Plan or ask any Sodexo cashier.

We generally recommend that students new to Whitworth choose the Pirate Gold or Pirate Platinum plan for at least their first semester. These plans offer students the most meals per week and yet still have a sizable amount of Flex Dollars to use outside the dining hall.

New for Fall 2020 

Meal Plan Options

The meal plans for fall 2020 have been changed significantly with the goal of saving students money while at the same time responding to requests for more options.

  • The amount of Flex Dollars have been significantly increased, allowing students to choose more dining outside the dining hall.
  • Adopting a weekly meal balance (instead of a having all semester's meals added at once) will make it easier for students to manage their meals, ensuring that students do not run out of meals towards the end of the semester.
  • Adopting meals-per-week is a better value for students.
  • The next week's meals will likely be added every Friday, ensuring that no student is without meals over the weekend (when offices are closed).
  • A fresh allotment of meals will be added weekly on Fridays; unused weekly meals will not carry over into the next week.
  • The dining hall will no longer offer Late Night. Instead, the Café and the Mind & Hearth will have extended hours.
  • Commuter 1, 2 and 3 meals remain unchanged.

Day-to-Day Dining Across Campus

Campus dining should be safe, convenient and delicious. Whitworth and Sodexo are on it! Here is what you can expect to see this fall:

Health & Safety
  • Enhanced sanitation practices and equipment
  • Increased/visual cleaning by Sodexo and Whitworth staff
  • Physical distancing in all locations
  • All menu items will be served to prevent cross contamination
Retail Dining
  • Enhanced Simply to Go menu items in the Café and Mind & Hearth
  • Hot food options available in the Mind & Hearth Coffeehouse
  • Sodexo will use earth-friendly packaging whenever possible; Whitworth and Sodexo are committed to sustainability
  • Increased service staff in all locations to allow for quick service
Resident Dining
  • Enhanced grab-and-go options in the food court and prepackaged items to provide convenience and safety
  • Additional "Express" locations serving delicious menu items such as sandwiches and wraps

Sodexo will provide a wide variety of fresh and delicious menu items on a rotating 5-week cycle. Menu items may include roasted lime chicken breast, pork carnitas soft tacos, or tossed apple cheddar and walnut salad. YUM!

  • Watch Sodexo's virtual dining tours here.
Additional Info

The Sodexo staff and managers are available nearly anytime to answer questions or respond to comments. We love to hear from you. Please contact Megan Helm, general manager, at 509.777.4355 or

Flex Dollars Versus Pirate Bucks

  • Flex Dollars are part of every meal plan offered by Whitworth.
  • Flex Dollars can be used for all purchases in the Café, the dining hall, the Mind & Hearth and the Starbucks in Robinson Science Center. Once all Flex Dollars are spent, no more can be added to an account. However, Pirate Bucks can be added at any time and used in the same fashion.
  • Pirate Bucks are similar to Flex Dollars in all ways but they can be added to an account at any time in any dollar amount. Pirate Bucks do not expire at the end of spring semester but remain available so long as a student is still enrolled at Whitworth.
  • To add Pirate Bucks to an account, speak with any Sodexo cashier station, call 509.777.4588, stop in to Sodexo's office (just outside the dining hall), or go online to purchase Sodexo Dining Pirate Bucks. Pirate Bucks are convenient because students need not carry cash – just their student I.D. that they're already using around campus – to get into the various eateries. Additionally, a 10 percent bonus is given with any Pirate Bucks purchase. For example, when a student purchases $100 in Pirate Bucks, Sodexo will add an extra $10 in bonus Pirate Bucks.
  • Any remaining Flex Dollars from the fall will automatically be credited toward a spring meal plan assuming the student has a spring meal plan. Fall Flex Dollars will not remain available for use during Jan or Spring Terms if no spring meal plan is assigned.

    • The only exception to this applies to students who weren't required to purchase a meal plan but still did (e.g. Whitworth Neighborhood residents and off-campus students). These students' fall Flex Dollars will remain active through the spring even if no meal plan is assigned for the spring. However, students must speak directly with Sodexo, requesting that their account's remaining Flex Dollars remain active; they must also add $25 to their Sodexo accounts.
    • All meals and Flex Dollars zero out at the end of spring semester.

To read more about the dining program, go to the Sodexo Virtual Tour.

Adjusting & Comparing Meal Plans

To change, add or cancel a meal plan, go to the Whitworth Meal Plan Change/Request FormView your current meal plan on Pirate Port or by going directly to your Whitworth Meal Plan.

Meal plan optionsMeals per weekFlex Dollars per semester2020-21 cost per semester
Pirate Platinum 19 $225 $2,750
Pirate Gold 16 $350 $2,750
Pirate Silver 14 $300 $2,575
Pirate Bronze (available to Boppell residents, Whitworth Neighborhood residents and off-campus students) 9 $300 $1,820
Commuter 1 (available to Whitworth Neighborhood residents and off-campus students) 77 (per semester) $250 $1,055
Commuter 2 (available to Whitworth Neighborhood residents and off-campus students) 60 (per semester) $375 $1,055
Commuter 3 (available to Whitworth Neighborhood residents and off-campus students) 27 (per semester) $225 $530

Overage/Canceling Your Plan

Should a student cancel their meal plan, a refund (when applicable) will be issued based on the refund schedule for a traditional semester found here. Additionally, any overage Flex Dollar spending will be billed to the student. Overage is defined as any amount of spending over the accumulated average weekly spending of a particular meal plan based on a 15-week semester. For instance, the Pirate Bronze meal plan includes $300 Flex. In a 15-week semester, the average per week is $20 Flex. If the meal plan is canceled in Week 5, the overage is considered any Flex spent beyond $100 Flex (5 weeks x $20 Flex average per week = $100 Flex). Overage will be directly billed to the owner of the plan.