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Student Meal Plans

The staff of Whitworth University Dining Services has designed a meal program guaranteed to meet your individual needs. To read more about each meal plan and what it offers, click here.

We generally recommend that students new to Whitworth choose the Traditional A or Traditional B plan for at least their first semester. The traditional plans allow a student to determine his or her eating habits without running the risk of exhausting the meal plan.

Notes About Meal Plans

  • Fall meal plans are intended to last through mid-January, when the spring meal plan is scheduled to begin. If a student runs out of block meals or flex dollars before the official start of the spring meal plan but AFTER Jan Term begins, the university may be able start the spring meal plan early. Email to request an early start to a spring plan.
  • Any remaining fall block meals and flex dollars will automatically be credited toward a spring meal plan, assuming the student has a spring meal plan as well. (Traditional meal plans' block meals will NOT carry over to the spring; however, traditional meal plans' flex dollars will.)
    • Fall block meals and flex dollars will NOT remain available for use during the spring semester if no spring meal plan is assigned.
    • The only exception to the above applies to students who lived off campus fall semester and purchased a meal plan. These students' meal plan balances will remain active through the spring even if no meal plan is assigned for the spring. However, the student must speak directly with Sodexo, requesting that the account remain active after cancellation; s/he must also add $25 to his or her Sodexo account.
      All block meals and flex dollars zero out at the end of spring semester.
  • Flex dollars versus Piratebucs:
    • Flex dollars are part of every meal plan. They can be used for all purchases in The Café, the Food Court , Mind & Hearth, and Café a la Cart. Once all the flex dollars are spent, no more can be added to an account.
      Pirate bucs are similar to flex dollars in all ways, but they can be added to an account at any time in any dollar amount. Pirate bucs do not expire at the end of spring semester; as long as a student is enrolled at Whitworth, his or her Pirate bucs will remain active.
    • Pirate bucs may be added to an account: Speak with any Sodexo cashier station or call 509.777.4588. Pirate bucs are convenient because students need not carry cash – just the I.D. cards they are already using – to get into the different eateries. Additionally, a 10 percent bonus is given with any Pirate bucs purchase. For example, when a student purchases $100 in Pirate bucs, Sodexo will give him or her an extra $10 in bonus Pirate bucs.

To change, add or cancel a meal plan, click here.

To check meal plan balances, ask any Sodexo cashier.

Comparing Meal Plans

Meal Plan Options
(available to all Whitworth students)
Block Meals BalanceFlex Dollars BalanceLate Night Meals (M-Th, 9-10:30 p.m.; access costs one block meal per entry)2017-18 Cost per Semester
Traditional A  Unlimited  $125  Yes  $2,623 
Traditional B  Unlimited $75 No $2,450
Block A  150 $400 Yes $2,623
Block B  125 $450 Yes $2,450
(available to residents of Boppell Hall and theme houses, and to off-campus students) 
100  $300 Yes $1,735
Commuter 1
(available to theme-house residents and off-campus residents)
57 $200 Yes $1,012
Commuter 2
(available to theme-house residents and off-campus residents)
42 $375 Yes $1,012
Commuter 3
(available to theme-house residents and off-campus residents) 
18  $225 Yes $511