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Preventative & Real-Time Incident Solutions

Whitworth has invested in several technologies and strategies to elevate the safety and security of students and employees while they are on campus.

  • Video surveillance cameras are installed in many locations around campus as a means of facilitating crime prevention and deterrence; these are also for use during ongoing incidents or emergency situations. Coverage areas include 360-degree views surrounding the blue-light emergency poles; exterior views of many building entrances and several campus parking lots; hallways in Dixon, Robinson and other classroom buildings; and the hallway in the Hixson Union Building leading into the cafeteria. Video is recorded and can be accessed by campus security for post-incident and evidentiary review within limited time periods after recording. In the case of an ongoing emergency or incident, each camera can be accessed and its "footage" viewed in real time to assist response. Video surveillance does not include audio recording and is not available for viewing by unauthorized individuals.
  • Emergency text-messaging and electronic mailing in an emergency are conducted through a system called WhitALERT. All students and employees are encouraged to provide (via Self-Service) up to three cell-telephone numbers with text messaging enabled that will be used by campus security or leadership to send information and instructions during incidents. In the event of an emergency, WhitALERT will send both text messages and email to everyone enrolled. 
  • The blue-light emergency poles mentioned above under video surveillance cameras have been installed in 12 locations around campus. The poles include the following capabilities: single-button two-way call initiation to campus security; single-button two-way call initiation to Spokane County 911 Emergency Services; 360-degree video surveillance extending up to several hundred feet around the pole; audio broadcast messaging surrounding each pole up to a distance of 1,000 feet; and local bullhorn-style audio broadcasting via a built-in microphone that can be accessed by campus security and which turns any of the blue-light emergency poles into rally/meet-up sites. Campus Map
  • Emergency Notification Clocks are installed in classrooms and common spaces and are a primary means of notifying the Whitworth community of an emergency. Powerful red, white and blue flashers will notify groups of emergency situations or upcoming messages. These clocks can scroll text messages and announce the message verbally, as well. When not in emergency use, the display shows the date and time.