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Safe Rides

Campus security officers are employed by Whitworth University to perform physical security for the protection of persons and property from injury or loss while on campus. This definition includes all types of injuries and all types of losses.

As a form of protection and in service to the community, officers on duty will always respond (as promptly as they're able) to a request for a safe ride. Safe rides (security escorts) are available to all students and employees at all times of day and night by request. However, safe rides are restricted to the university's main campus boundaries, including the university-owned Neighborhood houses adjacent to and near the campus.

The main campus of Whitworth University is generally within the area bounded by West Hawthorne Road on the south, Division Street and North Whitworth Drive on the east, North Waikiki Road on the west, and West Falcon and West Elcliff Avenues on the north. Privately owned, non-university property is included in this area and the university does operate property slightly outside the boundary described, but that is the general area patrolled by and accessible to security officers. The public roads and alleys within and adjacent to the main campus are controlled by Spokane County; the Spokane County Sheriff's Office patrols both the campus and surrounding areas.

  1. When should safe rides be used?
    A safe ride should never be a first option, rather, a second option to use. When an unsafe or potentially unsafe situation arises, or other plans for safe transportation fall through, call security. Several reasons to use a safe ride include:
    1. Accidentally left behind by your ride
    2. An uncomfortable date
    3. Car trouble
    4. Don't wish to walk home in the dark
    5. Need a ride from a distant parking lot
    6. Need a sober ride home
    7. Stranded at an undesirable location
    8. Too tired to drive home
  2. How should safe rides NOT be used?
    Safe rides should not be used as a primary mode of transportation. A safe ride is not to be used in lieu of walking with a group, or carpooling with a friend. Utilizing the service when not necessitated by an actual threat or concern results in long wait times and potential escalation of dangerous situations for others who need the service.
  3. How does safe rides work?
    When you need a ride, call security at 509.777.4444. An officer will ask for information such as your location, student ID number, and destination, and advise you to somewhere safe until they arrive. Safe rides are only given to your campus residence or registered class location.
    If there is more than one person in your party, a name and student ID number are required for each passenger (and they may have to take separate vehicles).
    Unfortunately, security is not equipped with a wheelchair or otherwise accessible vehicle. Please plan ahead and work with student life to make other arrangements.
    The security department offers safe rides to assist students in need, but officers may deny rides to particular locations or passengers at times, using their best judgment. In the event that a student is suspected of being a danger to them self or others, or an active threat is indicated, additional resources including police may be contacted.