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Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Facilities Services, 10828 N. Waikiki Road

Security Services, 205 W. Hawthorne Road

Vehicle Registration & Parking

Registration of Personal Vehicles for On-Campus Parking 

All personal vehicles parked on campus must be registered with security services. Faculty, staff and students should display a valid parking permit on their personal vehicle (including motorcycles) at all times.

  • Vehicle Registration Form
    • Traditional undergraduates' decals will be available for pickup at the Hixson Union Building Information Desk within two weeks of registration.
    • Evening and graduate students' decals will be sent to the appropriate program office.
    • Employees' decals will be sent to their department offices.
  • Parking Areas Map
  • Please read the Vehicle Operations Policy for campus parking policies and costs.

Please keep your vehicle registration current with the facilities services office by reporting a new vehicle or other change including license plate or color. You can view your current vehicle registrations online anytime. Email, call 509.777.3254 or visit us in the office with changes or corrections.

Visitor Parking 

Campus visitors may park in designated Visitor Parking spaces anytime; these spots are clearly marked and are reserved for visitors' use. The Parking Space Type Map shows where visitor, ADA and electric charging spaces are located around campus.

Visitors not parked in designated visitor spots must display a temporary permit. Visitor permits can be obtained from the HUB Info Desk, facilities services, security or most department offices.

Additional visitor parking information is here

Parking FAQs

Where can I park?  

Campus parking is categorized as either general or faculty/staff only, unless signed otherwise (i.e. ADA or short-term parking). All registered vehicles, including permitted visitors, are allowed in general parking. Overnight parking is allowed in general lots, with the exceptions of B1 (by the Hixson Union Building) and C5 (Dornsife Health Sciences Building). Refer to the Parking Areas Map to make sure you're parking in the right lot, and be sure to park only in marked spaces that are not otherwise designated.  

Visitor spots are clearly marked and should be used only by visitors to campus (i.e., nonregistered vehicles). Other restricted categories include ADA, short-term, loading/service, electric-vehicle charging and motorcycle parking. The Parking Space Type Map shows where these spaces can be found around campus.

Do I have to have a parking permit? 

Yes, if you are parking on Whitworth property, your vehicle needs to display a current parking permit. This includes students living in Whitworth housing, commuter students driving to campus, faculty members, staff and contracted workers.

Where can I park after business hours? 

All parking lots are open to everyone after 5 p.m.; on weeknights and weekends between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m., students may park in employee-only lots. However, all "no overnight" lots and "faculty/staff only" lots should be clear between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. daily.

I have a new/different car. Where do I get a new permit? 

Email or visit facilities services (10828 N. Waikiki Road) to update your registration. If possible, remove and return the old parking permit.

Can I park in a visitor spot? 

If you are visiting Whitworth for a tour, event, meeting, or to use facilities open to the community, yes! Visitor spots are not for students, faculty and staff; they are reserved for campus visitors who are not eligible for regular parking permits. 

Can I park in a fire lane? 

No. However, quick drop-offs/pickups and loading/unloading – for not more than five minutes at a time – are acceptable; the driver must remain with the vehicle in case there is an emergency. Move-in and move-out weekends are exceptions, and Whitworth coordinates with the fire department for these days.

Why are some parking lots designated as "no overnight"?  

The "no overnight" parking rule applies to all the lots reserved for contractors, staff and faculty who come and go every day, as well as commuters who park in lots B1 or C5. Empty parking lots facilitate snow removal and parking lot maintenance.

When does "no overnight" begin and end? 

No overnight hours are from 2-5 a.m. The parking lot must be clear of cars during those hours.

I can't ever find a parking spot. Why aren't there more parking spots on campus? 

Actually, there are plenty of parking spots on campus. We far exceed the county requirement for number of spaces for a campus our size. It's just that the open spots are generally on the outer edges of campus; these include lots A1, H1, H2 and G6 (see Parking Areas Map). Even on our busiest school days there are spots available. You should plan to park once for the day and walk to other locations on campus.

Can my vehicle be towed? 

Yes; security will attempt to contact the driver through notes, warnings or citations left on the vehicle notifying them of the issue first.

How much does parking cost at Whitworth?

Students who park on campus (residential and commuter) pay $125 per year (September-May). Continuing studies and graduate students' parking is typically included in the cost of tuition, and parking is free for faculty, staff and contract workers.

Why does a parking permit cost so much? 

Parking permit fees help to pay for road and parking operations and maintenance costs, and Whitworth's $125 parking is actually not expensive compared to other universities in the region. 

I live off campus; do I need to pay for parking?

If you ever park on campus, you need a parking pass. All designated parking lots identified on the campus parking maps are patrolled regularly, and you will be ticketed without an up-to-date pass.

I received a parking or traffic violation that I want to dispute. What do I do?

Please refer to the Vehicle Operations Policy if you are uncertain whether you have grounds for a dispute. All appeals and questions should be directed to Whitworth Security via the Parking Citation Appeal Form. Please include the citation number.

How do I pay for my parking citation?

The online payment link is You may also pay your balance owing via check made payable to Whitworth and send to: Student Financial Services, Whitworth University, 300 W. Hawthorne Road, Spokane WA 99251. You may also pay via check or debit card, in person, at the cashier's window in McEachran Hall.

Does Whitworth have electric vehicle charging stations? 

Yes! There are charging stations in parking lots A1 (south of Hawthorne Road), H1 (west of Hawthorne Hall/north of The Pines) and in front of the Steam Plant (north of Robinson Science Hall). They are currently free to use; you just need to download the Shell Recharge mobile app to your smartphone. Non-plugin vehicles are prohibited from parking in these spots. (Campus community members can join EV Drivers on Microsoft Teams for more information.)

Contact Information



Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

Facilities Services, 10828 N. Waikiki Road

Security Services, 205 W. Hawthorne Road