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Safety Bulletin

Fire Safety Equipment, Weapons and Safety

We must all share a concern for campus safety. As a resident student you should take time to become acquainted with the location of fire alarms, fire extinguishers (and hoses), and all exits; you should also know the fire drill procedures for your residence. When a fire alarm sounds, all residents are required to leave the building. Failure to exit a building or returing before the building is cleared may result in a fine or community service. Do not tamper with fire equipment: it is against state law, it renders our residences less safe, and if you are caught you will be fined.

Be careful not to raise the risk of injury or death by fire in your residence. Do not block hallways, stairs, or entries with such items as bikes, boxes, or furniture. Be careful not to overload the electrical circuits in your room with an excessive number of small appliances. Avoid using too many extension cords, and be sure to throw out any defective or damaged cords. Toasters, hotpots, microwaves, and hairdryers are especially burdensome on electrical circuits and therefore raise the risk of overload. Be sure to unplug all appliances when you are gone for a weekend or for vacation. For safety reasons, firearms, weapons of any kind, and explosives (including fireworks and firecrackers) are not permitted on campus. Candles and open flames are not permitted in the residence halls.

For the safety of all residents, outside doors of the residence halls are not to be propped open. Residents are encouraged to lock their doors whenever they leave their rooms, and to securely fasten their windows.