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Visitor Parking Information

Welcome to Whitworth! 

Marked Visitor Parking spaces are spread throughout campus for easy access to various buildings; the Parking Space Type Map shows where they can be found. These spaces are reserved for use only by visitors to campus (i.e. those not eligible for regular parking permits) and there is no time limit unless otherwise signed. Although temporary permits are strongly recommended for communication purposes, they are not required in these spaces.

If marked visitor spaces are full, campus visitors are also welcome to use General Parking (in teal on the Parking Areas Map); however, a temporary parking permit must be displayed so that vehicles will not be mistakenly identified as unauthorized and/or abandoned. Permits can be obtained from the info desk (main level of the Hixson Union Building), facilities services (10828 N. Waikiki Road) or from most department offices on campus. Feel free to ask the person or department you're visiting.

For event parking, enforcement is typically suspended for a time and location pre-arranged by the event planner. If you've been instructed to park in a particular area without a permit, that's probably why. If in doubt, a temporary parking permit never hurts.

For additional information about campus parking policies and enforcement, please see our Vehicle Operations Policy.

If you have received a citation you believe is in error, or with any other questions, please email or call security at 509.777.4444.

If you are a student, employee, or contracted volunteer, please register for a regular (permanent) parking pass