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Clinical Education

Whitworth University’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program is dedicated to education of the mind and heart, creating lifelong learners and future practitioners who utilize evidence-based practice and serve humanity. Professional development and competency are gained throughout the coursework and experiential learning via clinical education through fieldwork and capstone experiences. 

Clinical education provides the opportunity for clinical reasoning, professional development, application of theory and evidence-based practice. Students are guided by skilled practitioners with a variety of clinical expertise and knowledge. Clinical partnerships have been established locally, regionally and nationally, and global opportunities are developing. Our clinical sites offer the student exposure to a wide range of experiences in various practice settings and with a variety of populations.

Four Level I fieldwork rotations, occurring in the first and second years, are designed to provide breadth of practical experience in a variety of practice settings. Two Level II fieldwork rotations, occurring in the second and third years of the program, are designed to provide depth in practical experience. Level II fieldwork offers full-time learning and honing of clinical skills, optimization of compassionate patient care, and utilization of best practice. 

The Doctoral Capstone Experience (capstone), and the series of coursework, introduces students to a shared vision for achievement with respect to our university and program missions while collaborating with a community partner site and clinical educators. The purpose of the capstone is to provide an in-depth learning exposure to one or more of the following areas: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, or theory development. The overarching objective of the capstone is to achieve mutually beneficial projects between the student and capstone site and to facilitate the advancement of the profession through dissemination of capstone work.  

Clinical Educators

Interested in partnering with Whitworth University’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program? We highly value our community partners and are committed to providing diverse opportunities for clinical education for our students. Practitioners of excellence provide a depth of knowledge and clinical expertise that enhances clinical reasoning and brings the didactic curriculum to life. We are always interested in developing relationships with sites throughout the United States and internationally. If you are interested in serving as a clinical educator or for more information, email Thank you for supporting Whitworth’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program and educating future practitioners in both mind and heart.