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Prerequisite coursework includes at minimum:

  • 14 credits in natural sciences, including:
    • Introductory biology
    • Introductory physics or kinesiology
    • Anatomy & physiology, with lab
  • 12 credits in social sciences, including:
    • Introduction to psychology
    • Developmental psychology
    • Psychopathology or abnormal psychology
    • Introduction to sociology or cultural anthropology
  • Three (3) credits in statistics
  • Three (3) credits in professional writing
  • Nine (9) credits in performing arts (art, dance, film, music, theatre or creative writing), humanities (ethics, gender studies, history, languages, literature, philosophy, religion or theology), and wellness (fitness, wellness or nutrition)
  • One (1) credit in medical terminology

Note: Whitworth course numbers listed meet prerequisite requirements. Advanced Placement (AP) courses and experiential learning credit will not be accepted to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Credit requirements are defined as semester credits (1 quarter credit = .667 semester credit).

Whitworth University’s OTD Program Admissions Committee reserves the right to assess applicant qualifications on a case-by-case basis and adjust appropriate admission criteria when warranted by special circumstances.