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About Us

The Whitworth University Academic Affairs Office provides leadership for all aspects of the academic program. Within guidelines prescribed by the board of trustees, the academic affairs office is responsible for assuring the educational principles of the institution.

Currently, the provost/executive vice president is the chief administrator for the academic affairs office. The provost/executive vice president shares academic affairs leadership with an associate provost of instruction and an associate provost for faculty development and scholarship. The staff also includes an assistant vice president for diversity and intercultural relations, a director for sponsored programs, a director for institutional research, an assistant to the vice president, an accounting specialist, and a program coordinator.

The following offices/divisions of the institution report to the provost/executive vice president: all academic programs/departments, including the School of Education and the Core program, the registrar, the library, instructional resources, the School of Business, the College of Arts & Sciences, international services including the off-campus study and exchange programs, the honors program, the writing center, continuing studies, and the Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith & Learning.

The academic affairs office works with the faculty in developing and overseeing curriculum programs, faculty contractual matters, the faculty handbook, faculty development, and faculty evaluations. This includes allocation and control of all financial resources for the academic sector of the university.

The academic affairs office is also responsible for academic department reviews and accreditation matters, academic probation and suspension (Educational Review Board), policies and regulations for the academic programs, the freshman-seminar program, the speakers & artists schedule each term, and the cultivation of funds for academic programs and faculty development.

For more information on Whitworth's academic leadership, for both its liberal arts undergraduate programs and its graduate professional programs, contact the academic affairs office.