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Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Center for Career & Professional Development values your work and understands the complexity in preparing our Whitworth student body for internships, jobs and employment after they graduate. Employers are looking for an individual who is skilled, knowledgeable and holistically career ready.

As part of our Shared Curriculum initiative, we provide career and professional development to all faculty with a goal of creating enthusiasm and participation from a greater student group to better serve our community.

We hope to help bridge the gap between academics and career education by utilizing our staff to teach in your classroom or by planning a career event together.

Here are some ideas:

Career Education

  • Career Readiness Competencies
  • Handshake 101 & Maximizing Handshake
  • Overview of Career Services & Student Employment
  • Choosing a Major – Big Personality Big World
  • On-Campus Student Employment Success
  • Résumé & Cover Letters
  • Internship Success
  • Interview Insights Through Employers Eyes
  • Etiquette for Company Events and Meals
  • Good First Impressions
  • Networking for Introverts
  • Authentic Networking – Turning Small Talk into Big Talk
  • Effective Career Search Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • Conflict Management Strategies
  • Know Your Learning Style to Be Career Ready
  • A Team of Opposite Personalities/Styles
  • Know Your Core Needs for Career Satisfaction
  • Explore How God Uses All Personality Types
  • Career Exploration: Skills, Values & Interests
  • Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile & Social Media Presence
  • Elevator Pitch That Interests

Career Events

  • Industry trek (in any metropolitan city)
  • Employer panel or seminar
  • Industry networking event

Please reach out to ask questions, set up a classroom visit, or partner with us to plan a career development event.