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Career Readiness

Student Employment Education

  1. Career Readiness Competencies – Qualities employers look for that will help you in your job search and career.
    1. Career Readiness Competencies
    2. Career Readiness Competency Reflection
  2. SET SAIL - A practical and interactive paid career and professional development training for crew members to be prepared for wherever life may lead. In this training, you will set sail for success – whether in student employment, graduate school, a career or life.
    1. Look for SET SAIL Fall, Spring and Summer Terms. Apply quickly as space is limited!
  3. Résumé – Make an appointment on Handshake with a Career Peer Coach for help building a résumé with your knowledge, skills and abilities, that meets employers' needs.
  4. Interview Skills – Interviews are designed to address three areas:
    1. Assess your qualifications
    2. Evaluate your personal career competencies to determine fit
    3. Answer your questions of the company or job

Check out Whitworth's Interview Techniques to help educate how to prepare, what to expect, and how to meet employers' needs.