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Final Requirements of the Internship

As part of the Whitworth Academic Internship Program's final requirements, you must complete the following on or before the last day of the term:

  • Internship Exit Interview: 

Schedule and complete an exit interview with the Center for Career & Professional Development internship program coordinator. The exit interview provides a space to reflect on how the internship went and to discuss the next steps to take going forward. Schedule an appointment through Handshake’s appointment hub.

  • Internship Reflection & Evaluation Form:

The Internship Evaluation & Reflection Form provides qualitative and quantitative prompts designed to promote reflection and assessment of your internship experience. Please fill out this form and deliver it in person to the career center or email it to when complete.

  • Internship Time Log:

In order to verify the correct amount of hours you spent at your internship, the Internship Time Log must be completed. We highly suggest you keep this log during your internship instead of waiting to fill it out at the end. Present your completed time log to your internship work site supervisor for them to review and sign. Send the completed and signed form to

  • Intern Evaluation & Performance Form (for Supervisors):

The Intern Evaluation & Performance Form is a quantitative evaluation, completed by your internship worksite supervisor. Your supervisor will evaluate you on the following categories: relationship with others, attitude, judgment, dependability, aptitude, quality of work and written communication skills. We encourage them to discuss this evaluation with you.

The career center will send your supervisor the employer evaluation, although we may need your help in nudging them to complete it. You and your faculty internship advisor will receive a copy of the evaluation and your faculty internship advisor will review the evaluation when determining your final grade.

Failure to complete one or more of the final requirements may result in not earning academic credit for your academic internship. At the end of the term, the career center will communicate the status of your final requirements with you and your faculty internship advisor. Your faculty internship advisor is responsible for evaluating and submitting your final grade.