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Searching for an internship will take time and careful planning, so starting your internship search as early as possible will better position you for a successful search. While not all industries have recruiting cycles, it is important to know that most industries do have recruiting cycles that dictate when you will apply. It is important to research and know your industry standards.

When conducting an internship search, it is important to diversify how you go about searching for an internship. A successful internship search uses a combination of tools and resources throughout the search process. While it is the responsibility of the student to find an internship, a career center staff member can guide you through your internship search and assist with:

  • Developing a plan and identifying areas of interest
  • Search strategies and conducting research
  • Identifying internship leads and contacts
  • Résumé, cover letter and interview preparation

Internship Advising Appointment (In Person or Virtual) Current Internships in Handshake Current Internships on LinkedIn

What are other tools and resources that I can use to find an internship?

While the following list may not include all tools and resources available to you, we've identified and listed several that have worked well for other students.