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Chapel Community Worship

About Chapel

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11-11:30 a.m.
Where: The fieldhouse and livestream

This twice-weekly worship service allows the Whitworth community to gather together in an expression of our commitment to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity. Each worship service is led by the campus ministry staff and student leaders as we draw upon all that has been given to us: the Bible, the two millennia of church tradition, the best of contemporary music, the spirituality of written prayers, the sharing of Communion together, the power of liturgical symbols and dance, the joy of global music and the witness of the worldwide Christian community.

Tuesday services are centered on the chapel theme for the semester and typically include two to three songs of praise, prayer and a short sermon connected with the chapel theme. Every Thursday, we gather around the table to celebrate the Lord's Supper as we learn and grow in our various gifts and offer our lives to God through diverse worship styles. Services will be led by Whitworth University choirs and by sacred dancers and many other members of the Whitworth community.

Please note: During this time, we will be meeting in fieldhouse and via livestream. We will not be serving communion on Thursdays, but will be featuring testimonies from various individuals on campus.

Keep up with what is happening with campus ministry on our Instagram, @whitworthcampusministries.

Take Up Your Cross: Following Jesus in the Gospel of Luke

According to the gospel of Luke, being a Christian is not primarily about believing abstract ideas or principles. Instead, being a Christian means concretely seeking to follow Jesus, both in heart and in actions. In Jesus' words, "If anyone would come after me, let them deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow me." Although this costs us everything, in so doing, we find that our lives are actually made whole! Join us this semester at Chapel Community Worship in The Loop and via livestream as we together heed Jesus' call to follow him by encountering his extravagant love for us all, his care for the outcasts, his invitation to belonging, his call to radical obedience, his insights on divisive issues like politics and race, his compelling grace that transforms us, and more.

Date ThemeDate Theme
Sept. 10 Convocation Oct. 29 Music, Testimony and Prayer
Sept. 15 Luke 9:23-26
Take Up Your Cross: Embodied Ministry and Discipleship
Forrest Buckner
Nov. 3 Luke 12:31-35
God's Heart for Concrete Restoration: Jesus' Laments Over the Brokenness of Jerusalem
Forrest Buckner
Sept. 17 Music, Testimony and Prayer Nov. 5
Music, Testimony and Prayer

Sept. 22 Luke 4:16-30
Jubilee and God's Restoration of the Outcasts
Lauren Taylor
Nov. 10 Luke 11:37-54
Woe to You Who Act Religiously but Don't Love God or People
Beck Taylor
Sept. 24 Commissioning – Student Teachers and Other Nov. 12
Music, Testimony and Prayer

Sept. 29 Luke 7:36-50
The Great Reversal: Honor/Shame Rules Flipped
Stephy Nobles-Beans
Nov. 17 Luke 15
The God of the Found: The Extravagant and Illogical Love of God
Kent McDonald
Oct. 1 Music, Testimony and Prayer Nov. 19
Music, Testimony and Prayer

Oct. 6 Luke 6:27-42
Identity Politics God's Way: Love for Enemies and Freedom From Judgment
Forrest Buckner
Nov. 24 Luke 19:1-10
Zacchaues: Love for Oppressors and Transforming Systemic Inequality
Lauren Taylor
Oct. 8 Music, Testimony and Prayer Dec. 1 Luke 10:25-42
Both/And: Love in Action and Inner Spirituality in our Discipleship
Forrest Buckner
Oct. 13 Luke 2:41-52, 8:19-21, 14:25-26
Our Truest Place of Belonging: Family with Jesus
Lauren Taylor
Dec. 3 Music, Testimony and Prayer
Oct. 15 Music, Testimony and Prayer  Dec. 8  Luke 1:46-55
Singing Praise to God in Community
Forrest Buckner
Oct. 20 Luke 23:44-49
The Lynching of Jesus
Forrest Buckner and Stephy Nobles-Beans
Dec. 10 Music, Testimony and Prayer
Oct. 22 Music, Testimony and Prayer    
Oct. 27 Luke 12:22-34
No More Hoarding: Freedom From Worry
Stephy Nobles-Beans