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Graduate Assistant Ministry Intern Program

The Graduate Assistant Ministry Intern Program is designed to provide the opportunity for interns to engage in full-time campus ministry at Whitworth University while simultaneously pursuing a master's degree over the course of two years. Each intern is mentored and supervised by a member of the chapel staff. All participate in regular meetings of the chapel staff, including ministry-planning as well as personal support/prayer gatherings.

One intern works with Associate Professor of Music Ben Brody, '97, in the coordination of all weekly chapel worship services. The university carries on a vibrant rhythm of worship, with community chapels each Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11-11:30 a.m. during fall and spring semesters. In addition, Hosanna, our student-led worship service on Tuesday evenings, provides an opportunity for contemporary worship.

Our other intern serves with Dean of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor Forrest Buckner, working in athletics ministry and overseeing the AWAKE ministry on campus. In athletics ministry, the intern helps to provide spiritual leadership for the members of each team. AWAKE is a student-led ministry in which students grow in their knowledge of who they are, who God is, and why that matters -- and they invite others to do the same.

Kalani Padilla '19

Graduate Intern for Music and Worship

A friend asked me recently, what wisdom has Whitworth gifted to you since you began? It was a profound moment thinking back to who/what/where I was in 2015. I told her:

If there is any realization that has absolutely reshaped me while at Whitworth, it is that our life of worship (just as the Bible says about our prayers) ought to never cease. It shouldn't cease in darkness. It shouldn't cease in light. Our worship should persist when we come to the end of ourselves because that is where grace-alone begins. 

In my daily undergraduate life, where time and energy were often scarce, I began seeking ways to turn what felt like a task or distraction from God specifically into an act of worship. Like homework. Walking to class. Making dinner. Buying groceries. This posture changes everything. While with campus worship, I have begun learning to worship when we stack chairs, set up sound equipment, print chord charts or send emails. My life is strengthened when I take on a posture of worship toward ordinary moments like these. And I regard them as holy in that they can compound into rich fellowship.

 I am grateful for this opportunity to remain with the Spokane and Whitworth 'ohana I have worshiped with for the past four years; when I first moved from Hawai'i to Spokane in the fall of 2015, I would have never guessed that the Lord would extend my time at Whitworth in this way. It is truly a gift to mentor and support the student leaders and musicians who have dedicated their time to campus ministry.

Gibson Berryhill '19, College of Idaho

Graduate Intern for Athletics and Outreach Ministry

"Follow me." -Jesus (Matt 9:9, Mark 1:17, Luke 5:27, John 1:43 and many, many more!!)

All throughout His life on earth, Jesus was telling others, "follow me." And all throughout our lives, Jesus continues to tell us, "follow me." Whether or not we recognize or respond to His call, He continues to invite us to follow Him, and He continues to follow through on His promises when we say "yes."

One year ago, God used a one-on-one basketball battle, a women’s soccer team, and a handful of other kind, loving and faithful people to once again say, "follow me!" I’m so thankful I accepted His invitation and am absolutely, positively and overwhelmingly excited to serve, grow, lead and continue to follow Him at Whitworth for these next couple years.