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Marketing & Social Media

The Whitworth University Marketing & Communications Office is like an in-house marketing agency and should be your first call for any efforts to advertise to the public. We work as your partners to spread the word about your department or event and build awareness for Whitworth at the same time. By asking questions like who you want to reach, what your goals are and how much you'd like to spend, we can recommend solutions and connect you with the appropriate resources. Our involvement also ensures that when the public sees your advertisement, social media post or mailing, they recognize it as distinctly Whitworth.

Marketing & Advertising

If your department wants to advertise to any off-campus audience, marketing & communications should be your first call. Come to our office with an objective (e.g., we need more people at our event) and let us work through some creative options with you. We will help you determine the best venues for marketing within your budget and work through design options.

Outside marketing agencies, videographers and photographers must be cleared with marketing & communications before any contracts are signed. This includes working with students on publicity efforts. This helps us maintain a consistent brand identity and may save you time and money.

For questions about external advertising and marketing, including social media, contact Associate Director of Marketing & Branding Cameron Todd (

Social Media

Would you like your department to have an Instagram account, but you're not sure how to gain followers and make the content interesting? Wondering if it's appropriate to post photos from your department Christmas party on Facebook? Need to effectively get the word out about your event? Wondering if you can pay for an ad or boost a post? We have answers to all of those questions. We offer social media advising to any office, department or program that would like to represent Whitworth on social media, including to students who often manage the accounts.

Social media accounts that represent an office, department or program on behalf of Whitworth must adhere to the university's social media policies. For social media best practices, please refer to our social media guide. If you'd like to start a new social media account (on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or a blog), submit a Social Media Application (or browse the social media index to make sure one doesn't already exist).

All paid ad placements must be cleared with marketing & communications. 


A blog is not a replacement for a department webpage, but in certain cases a blog can help highlight certain aspects of your office, program or department that can be short- or long-term (e.g., class projects, study-abroad programs). There are three types of blogs and varying levels of involvement from university marketing & communications. Tiers one and two should be cleared by our office before launch.

  • Tier one: A blog that uses a Whitworth-branded template, is connected to or redirected from the Whitworth website, is likely to have a broad audience, and is edited and partially managed by marketing & communications. Marketing & communications may pay for hosting. Example: On Bended Knee.
  • Tier two: A blog targeted to a more specific audience that features the university logo in the footer only. Content is managed by Whitworth staff or faculty, with minimal involvement by marketing & communications. Departments pay for hosting. Example: Whitworth English.
  • Tier three: A loosely affiliated blog with no direct or obvious connection to Whitworth. The Whitworth logo may not be used, and the university should in no way appear to endorse the content. Typically used for student projects. No oversight by marketing & communications needed.