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Web & Digital

Whitworth's website is a key resource for current and prospective students, parents, alumni, employees and the community. Marketing & communications serves as a gatekeeper for this important asset. Our goal is to help external audiences understand Whitworth's mission and resources and to provide information and services to staff, faculty, alumni and students. We strive to make it easy for visitors to find what they need and to design a site that is accessible and responsive.


How Can We Help You?

Our web & digital services help departments design pages, develop content and update information in order to create engaging, accessible and on-brand digital resources. We depend on departments to keep their respective webpages up to date, and we encourage them to work with our office to make necessary updates. Here are some key services we provide:

  • Set up new websites/webpages.
    • Design: Partner with you to present your content in ways that will engage visitors.
    • Content: Proof and edit text to sharpen your message and ensure consistency with Whitworth's brand and style.
  • Give departments the tools and access to manage text on the website.
  • Post text updates on departments' behalf when necessary.
  • Post Pirate Port announcements for staff, faculty and students (for messages directed to students only, contact Courtney Fairhart in student life).

Our office collaborates with a few other departments to provide other web-based services to campus:

  • Broadcast emails – alumni & parent relations
  • Update directory information – human resource services
  • Update calendar information – events & entertainment technology

For faculty page updates, please contact Associate Director of Media Relations Trisha Coder (

If you're unsure of who to contact or where to start your web project, contact Digital Content Specialist Genevieve Gromlich (

T4 Training

To directly manage your department's web content, set up a T4 training session. A department director or manager should submit a request to Digital Media Specialist Kevin Pichette ( that authorizes an individual to manage their department's content. The marketing & communications office will then contact you to schedule a short training session (usually 30 minutes).


  • Updates to existing pages
    • Text: 1-3 business days
    • Web forms or dynamic pages: TBD, these updates are facilitated by information systems.
    • Navigation links: 1-3 business days
    • Photos: 5-10 business days (provided an image is readily available)
  • Adding new pages to an existing site: 5-10 business days
  • Creating a new site or redesigning an existing site: timeline will depend on the project scope and our office's current project queue (submit a Web Project Request to start) 

University Webpages

All content on the site is expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and accuracy. In addition, content on the Whitworth site must be consistent with Whitworth's mission, policies and brand standards. Commercial use of the Whitworth website is prohibited, as is the use of copyrighted material without obtaining appropriate consent. All content on the university website is subject to review, and Whitworth reserves the right to remove anything which is in potential violation of university standards.

Official Webpages

Departments are primarily responsible for maintaining their own text content on the Whitworth website. Each department that wishes to establish/maintain a presence on the web is encouraged to designate at least one individual to routinely review and update the text content of its pages. All elements of page design are the responsibility of the university communications office, which will coordinate its efforts with each department. The marketing & communications office will monitor pages to ensure that all updates are consistent with Whitworth's brand and content standards.

Course Webpages* (Note: These are not posted on the main university website)

Web-hosting services are available to Whitworth faculty and instructors for pages related to university research and instruction. These services are provided by the instructional resources office. Whitworth faculty and instructors are responsible for the contents of these pages, and they are not subject to Whitworth's visual identity standards. Course pages must be consistent with Whitworth's mission and policies.

Student Club and Organization Webpages* (Note: These are not posted on the main university website)

Student club/organization webpages are not subject to Whitworth's visual identity standards, but must be consistent with Whitworth's mission and policies, including the student handbook. Page designs and content must be reviewed and approved by both the student activities office and the marketing & communications office before it can be posted. In addition, all student club/organization webpages must display the following text:

This page is not an official Whitworth publication and its contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the university, its administration, faculty or staff.

Third-Party Web Services

Whitworth acknowledges the benefits that third-party web service providers can offer the campus community. However, use of these services must be both strategic and intentional. Whitworth reserves the right to terminate agreements that are not consistent with the needs of the university. 

* Use of the university logo is limited to official university pages and doesn't extend to course sites, personal sites, etc.

The Digital Sign

Whitworth's digital sign, at the corner of Division and Hawthorne, helps to increase brand awareness and promote university events. The marketing & communications office seeks to highlight select events and accolades that are relevant to the public. Here are examples of the types of messages we include on the digital sign:

  • Art exhibits
  • Theatre productions
  • Music events (guest artists, concerts, recitals)
  • President’s Leadership Forum speakers
  • Special lectures
  • Homecoming, family and alumni weekends
  • Home sporting events
  • University rankings and awards
  • Significant student awards or honors
  • Faculty awards, honors, fellowships, etc.
  • Significant team awards or competition wins (academic or athletic)
  • Holiday well wishes

Submit ideas for events, awards or other messages to be included on the sign to Associate Director of Media Relations Trisha Coder ( Our office will evaluate submissions and have the final say on what is displayed on the digital sign.


Our office selects the events that will be recorded and made available as podcasts. Any guest speaker that will be recorded and posted to the university podcast feed should fill out a Release to Record Form (Audio and Video). You can find more detailed information here or contact Associate Director of Media Relations Trisha Coder (