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The Whitworth Brand & Identity

The Whitworth brand and its identity are crucial to the university's efforts to build awareness and reputation. The Whitworth University Marketing & Communications Office serves as the primary office to ensure that the presentation of our brand identity is consistent across multiple print and digital channels, and that these applications are an authentic representation of the unique attributes and personality of our campus community.

Questions regarding usage of the logo and incorporation of the brand should be sent to Associate Director of Marketing & Branding Cameron Todd (

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to create my own designs and publications if they comply with the branding guidelines?

Because our branding extends beyond just the logo, it is very important that those who apply the logo to any application send a copy to marketing & communications before it is produced and finalized. We provide electronic applications of the logo for faculty and staff to use as needed, but designed pieces should come through the marketing & communications office.

Please refer to existing documents that are available electronically for your use (e.g., letterhead, Powerpoint).

Can I put a logo on it?

Any use of the Whitworth logo needs to be reviewed and approved by marketing & communications (email In general, students, clubs and departments are not permitted to use the Whitworth logo and associated branding elements on any designs, including on event posters and on social media.

Can I use the Pirates logo?

The Whitworth Pirates logo should only be used in reference to athletics, with use limited to areas within athletics and bookstore apparel.

How do I order new business cards?

Please refer to the business cards page for ordering information.

What are our colors?

Our colors are crimson and black, though we have other complementary colors as part of our color palette. Please refer to the Brand Guide for specifics.

What are our fonts?

Marketing & communications uses Gotham Narrow Bold for its logotype and graphic headlines, Baskerville MT for headlines, and Gotham Book for body copy. These fonts are available only through university communications due to licensing considerations. MS Word options are Garamond for headlines and Calibri for body copy.

Is the Whitworth seal still in use?

Whitworth's longstanding seal is used in limited applications, mostly for internal use and at the university's discretion. Please contact the marketing & communications office before using the seal.