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Pitch a Story

We’re always looking for stories to tell about the Whitworth community – stories that reveal the intangible elements of life as a Buc and that convey the many ways our mind and heart mission is lived out boldly by our students, faculty, parents, alumni, donors and staff.

We tell these stories through channels like social media, Whitworth Today magazine and, and we’re always looking for a fresh perspective and new ideas from those who know our community best. Read on to find out more about the kinds of stories we are telling.

What kinds of stories are we looking for?

Our goals are to delight, inform and connect with our readers in ways that advance Whitworth’s mission and bring it to life. We seek to tell:

  • Stories with “heart” that help readers recognize why Whitworth is special and that foster an emotional connection to the university.
  • Stories about the “mind” that show why Whitworth is a first-rate academic institution and that students come here and achieve.
  • Stories about students from underrepresented populations, homeschool students, veterans, graduate students and parents of current Whitworth students.
  • Stories that combine warmth, smarts and the unexpected.
  • Stories about stuff that is just plain cool. Even if we don’t develop it into a full-fledged story, we love sharing through social media the diverse, cool and creative things our community is doing. 

What are we not looking for?

  • Stories about events that have already happened. We are most interested in learning about events before they occur so we can write from a firsthand perspective.
  • Stories without a narrative. These kinds of stories report facts, rather than fostering an emotional connection, creating tension or providing a narrative arc.
  • Stories that promote a person’s accomplishments or an event. If you’d like to promote an event, award, etc. to the media, visit our media relations page.
  • Generic profiles or bios of administrators or new hires.
  • Stories that are politically charged. Whitworth does not take an institutional stand on controversial social and political issues.

Send us your story ideas!

Send your story ideas to with the following information:

  • Details about the person/people the story is about. Send their name, details of their relationship to Whitworth (grad year, major, etc.) and contact information.
  • As many details about the story as possible.
  • An explanation of why this person/topic would make a great Whitworth story.