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Campus Master Plan

Update 2013

The 2013 Campus Master Plan Update presents a comprehensive overview and integration of physical planning initiatives for facilities, open space and circulation. It emerges from a range of a series of campus work sessions, focused conversations, and review meetings that have occurred over the Fall Semester. The goal of these campus meetings has been to understand, synthesize and position the changes to campus that have occurred since the completion of the 2010 campus master plan. Whitworth University now plans for a stable student population with modest growth over the next several years. The campus will need continued facility investments – as well as other improvements - to meet its commitment to high quality, nurturing academic and student life experiences that successfully accommodate past enrollment growth while recruiting and retaining the future students it seeks.

The Campus Master Plan Update meetings provided a forum for faculty and staff to share their future vision and current needs as well as communicate the successes and opportunities for growth at Whitworth University. Benchmarks were established for campus development goals. Three key deliverables were determined to highlight changes to the campus since 2010 and new targets for projected facility and campus improvements: