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Campus Master Plan

Updated October 2022

Executive Summary

According to historian Paul V. Turner, one of the first to write extensively of the American tradition of campus planning, the word campus not only "sums up the distinctive physical qualities of the American college, but also its integrity as a self-contained community and its architectural expression of educational and social ideals."

To that end, the Master Planning Committee, with the input of Krisan Osterby of DLR Group and significant support of trustee Gary Hopkins, sought to revisit and revise previous campus master plans from 2010 and 2013 to reflect how far Whitworth has come and where we hope it is going. Exciting new programs on Whitworth’s current horizon weren’t even on the drawing board in 2010, yet many of the planning principles adopted then still hold true today and form the lens through which this latest work was viewed.

In these pages you will see presented campus master planning options for our current campus of 2300-2350 students (showcasing those projects already previously identified and for which design work has at least started), as well as future concepts for a campus of 2700 and 3000.

Key areas of new development south of Hawthorne Road are included, given significant additions of clusters of residential property, as well as the impending relocation of Facilities Services to the Whitworth Water site, an acquisition not even considered possible in 2010.

In the end, by managing this latest iteration of the campus master planning process internally, we expect this document will be revisited annually, and maps updated more often, as decisions are made about capital development and the domino effects that arise from new campus construction and program migration.

Tad Wisenor
Master Planning Committee Chair