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Work Requests

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Work Requests

Most services provided by the Whitworth Facilities Services Department are requested and tracked as work requests through a web-hosted software called SchoolDude. Any student or employee of Whitworth University with a maintenance need may submit a work request; these may be for broken equipment, damaged property, cleanliness issues, deliveries or furniture rearrangements, remodeling projects* or other handyman services. While not all maintenance is handled by facilities services (e.g., phones, classroom technology, laundry facilities), it never hurts to submit a work request when in doubt.

Standard maintenance & repair requests are usually completed within 10 business days; some projects may take longer, and although all work requests are considered, some may be canceled due to time, budget or policy restrictions. Please contact facilities services staff or refer to our Services Guide with specific questions about what constitutes a work request.

How to Request Services

There are typically one or two key contacts per building, and it is recommended that work be requested through them (view designated work request contacts). However, any student or employee of Whitworth University may submit a work request.

Work requests for student residences must be approved by an RD before they will be processed, while requests for academic and administrative buildings will go directly to facilities services for approval.

*Remodels and other complex projects should be requested using the Facilities Services Project Request Form to ensure proper approval and sufficient funding.

For Urgent Requests

For urgent requests (same- or next-day response needed) such as water leaks/minor flooding, minor electrical outages, buildings or rooms that are uncomfortably hot or cold, events that require setup or classrooms missing furniture, please call our front desk at 509.777.3254 during normal business hours in addition to entering a work request.

For Emergencies

For life-, health- or property-threatening emergencies that require immediate response, please contact security at 509.777.4444 or 509.777.3256. Unless you are otherwise instructed, security will follow up with a work request when necessary.