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Student Employment Opportunities

Facilities services includes several departments, all of which utilize student employees in some capacity. Below is a brief overview of our departments’ student positions. All student employees of facilities services must be able to pass a background check, must have a good driving record (if a license is required by the job description) and must be willing to comply with all policies of the department, including dress code.

Most departments are willing to hire students with little to no experience with the job; reliable students willing to learn and advance for multiple years will be given preference for term-to-term re-employment.

Hiring takes place primarily at the beginning of the school year and at the end (for summer staffing), though some vacancies occur mid-year. 

Student employees must participate in mandatory safety training, which typically begins at 8:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of the summer.  

Facilities Departments & their Crews

Custodial - not hiring at this time.

The custodial department handles all interior cleaning, waste management, floor maintenance, and exterior window washing in the summer. No driver's license is required but varying degrees of physical fitness will be important.

During the summer, custodial students are assigned to specialized crews. All crews work 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

  • Cleaner: Cleaning is done across campus year-round, but during the summer our residence halls get extra attention — before and after summer camps. This crew completes daily cleaning (vacuum, mop, dust, bathroom sanitizing) as well as seasonal deep cleaning of fixtures, furniture, etc. Four positions available.
  • Hard Floor Crew: Most hard floor surfaces require annual refinishing by chemical and/or mechanical means. You basically get to touch every square foot of campus! Three positions available.
  • Laundry/Upholstery Specialist: Cleaning produces lots of laundry and people produce lots of dirty upholstery! You’ll learn to handle both safely and efficiently. One position available.
  • Window Washer: You will learn to use a variety of window-washing equipment and get plenty of practice – there are lots of windows on campus! One position available.

Delivery - not hiring at this time.

The delivery crew handles package and miscellaneous deliveries around campus, residence hall and office furniture moves, and special event setups. A driver's license and a high degree of physical fitness are required. 

The crew works 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Three positions available.

Grounds - not hiring at this time.

The grounds department maintains all campus landscaping and hardscaping as well as the athletic fields! No experience is necessary, but a valid driver’s license and good driving record are required, and physical fitness is important.

During the summer, students are assigned to specialized crews. All crews work 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

  • Turf Crew: Takes care of all lawns (mowing, trimming, edging) and flowers (planting, mulching, weeding), as well as other small tasks or big projects to beautify campus. Supervisors are Ryan Lipsker and Emily Linquist, seven positions.
  • Fields Crew: Specializes in all things athletic; mowing and field repair, irrigation adjustments, and remediation and improvement projects as assigned. Supervisor is Matt Quigley, three positions.
  • Arborist Crew: Works with the campus arborist to plant, prune, protect and generally love on our campus trees. Supervisor is Caleb McIlraith, two positions.
  • Irrigation Crew is responsible for adjusting, installing, scheduling and repairing all campus sprinkler systems. Supervisor is Peyton Murphy, two positions.

Trades - hiring for summer 2022! Complete our brief survey to apply.

Licensed staff in a variety of skilled trades are assisted by student workers to complete building maintenance & improvement projects across campus. Experience is not required, but please indicate any preference or prior knowledge in a particular area when applying. A valid driver’s license and good driving record, as well as some degree of physical fitness, are required for all positions. All trades work 6:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and half-days Friday during the summer, unless otherwise noted.

  • Paint: All campus buildings are painted on a rotating schedule, and many repairs (including drywall, paint, caulk) are made across campus. Supervisor is Erik Eschenbacher, six positions. The paint crew works 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Plumbing: A lot of plumbing is emergency response and repair (broken pipes, clogged drains) but there is lots of preventive maintenance (batteries, filters) completed annually, too. Supervisor is Mike Hagen, one position.
  • Electrical: Everything uses electricity, mostly lights. This position does a lot of lamp replacement, preventive maintenance on electrical and fire prevention systems (battery replacements, system checks), and also assists with repair or improvement projects (wiring, outlets, light fixtures). Supervisor is Dave Nelson, two positions.
  • HVAC: All heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment requires regular maintenance (filter replacements, grease, batteries) as well as emergency repairs (motor failure, duct repair) and planned upgrades (equipment demo and install). Supervisor is Uno Caldwell, three positions.
  • General Maintenance: Everything that isn’t paint or mechanical is considered general maintenance – this includes minor construction of wood, metal and other materials, installation of art or equipment, and general problem-solving. Additionally, roofs and gutters across campus are cleaned annually – so you’ll need to be okay with heights! Supervisors are Mike Simpson and Shawn Struble, two positions.

Vehicle Maintenance – not hiring at this time.

All of the university's large equipment and fleet vehicles are maintained by a staff mechanic, assisted by one student employee. No experience necessary, but familiarity with motors is a plus. A valid driver’s license and good driving record is required.

Warehouse – hiring for summer 2022! Apply through Handshake.

Maintenance warehousing and parts pickups and deliveries throughout the Spokane area are handled by this department, which employs one to two students year-round. A good driving record and physical fitness are required.

Office – not hiring at this time.

Two to three students help provide office coverage and administrative assistance for all facilities services departments year-round; tasks include reception duties, filing, processing paperwork and generating reports, and small errands. No experience is required.