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Strategic Plan


To foster an inspirational environment to honor God and serve humanity.


Serving the Whitworth community today… Sustaining our campus for tomorrow.

Core Values

  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Transparency
  • Health & Safety
  • Teamwork

Goals & Objectives (as of May 2014)

  1. Deliver high-quality service that exceeds customer expectations.
    • Provide timely communication to customers during the work order process
    • Provide and promote a web-based feedback forum
    • Set and track goals for work-order completion
    • Set and track quality assurance program goals
  2. Provide an atmosphere of professionalism.
    • Properly equip & maintain working areas to maximize efficiency
    • Allocate budget to promote training/licensing/certifications
    • Develop a comprehensive facilities and equipment preventive maintenance program
    • Reinforce apparel and conduct requirements for employees as needed
    • Continue to educate and equip employees to follow best safety practices
  3. Value each employee.
    • Empower employees to make putting "Safety First" a priority
    • Recognize excellence
    • Provide formal feedback for each employee annually
    • Provide informal feedback daily
    • Provide and promote regular opportunities for peer recognition
  4. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders.
    • Conduct and analyze an annual survey of facilities services customers
    • Provide activity reports to next-level supervisors weekly
    • Proactively provide resource requirements to business office and trustees
    • Report annual accomplishments to board of trustees
    • Provide timely and informative campus communications regarding maintenance activities
    • Maintain and distribute emergency response protocols
  5. Create and maintain a sustainable campus.
    • Implement an energy policy and encourage campus-wide participation
    • Develop renewable-energy projects to comply with the Presidential Climate Commitment
    • Promote and support campus and community sustainability programs
    • Distribute building energy guide and educate users
    • Share energy use information and conservation goals with campus constituents
    • Retrofit all campus lighting for more energy efficiency by summer 2014
    • Comply with the state's Water Use Efficiency Rule by 2017
  6. Constantly assess facilities infrastructure.
    • Continue to assess and update VFA database of facilities requirements annually
    • Conduct and report evaluations of building cleanliness
    • Publish designated grounds/event areas to university website
    • Populate APPA Facility Performance Indicators Survey by end of 2014