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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can write work orders?

Any student or employee of Whitworth University can request work (see our work requests page).

When will my requested work order be completed?

If you requested the work, you should be receiving status updates via email. You can also log in to SchoolDude and use the Search box to look for and get information about your work orders. See the SchoolDude Requesters Guide for instructions.

Do I have to pay for services?

Not for any repairs or replacements of existing components of the building or on the grounds. We maintain the existing campus facilities. However, for event setup, paper or furniture delivery or requested modifications to existing facilities, you will need to provide a Whitworth budget account number to pay for the services. Please see our funding sources page for additional information.

How much do these services cost?

We will provide a free estimate upon request, but we need your description and adequate advance notice to prepare an estimate. We charge only for the actual cost of materials and labor hours used.

How do I request a summer (or other) project?

Remodel projects, significant building improvements, change-of-use or other complex projects requiring estimates and/or additional levels of approval should be requested initially through the Facilities Services Project Request Form. Please keep in mind that our schedule for non-contracted summer projects is usually full by mid-April, so project proposals need to be submitted (and funded) as far in advance as possible.

What is "free paper delivery Wednesday"?

If your paper order can wait until Wednesday, we will deliver at no charge since this helps us operate more efficiently. Please complete a web request form here.

What if my network port is broken?

Information systems handles all technology-related repair, even when it's part of a building. Please email the help desk ( about your problem.

Who takes care of insects or other pests?

Most pest control is contracted out, but issues are best reported via a work order.

How do I report vandalism or graffiti?

Contact Whitworth Security to file a security report or submit a work order to report damage.

How do I request a key or card access?

For buildings and rooms with keycard readers, please have your supervisor request access for your I.D. card via the Systems Access Request Form on SharePoint. For physical keys (only for offices, storage areas and buildings without card readers) please use the Key Request Form. All interior keys & access must be approved by the department, and exterior keys must be approved by both the cabinet officer and the director of facilities services. Please submit requests well ahead of time to allow for this approval process.

What if I want to drive my car on campus?

Please see the current Vehicle Operations Policy. All students and employees who park on campus must register their vehicles.

I live off campus; do I need to pay for parking?

If you ever park on the campus proper, you do need a parking pass. Theme-house driveways and street parking are not categorized as "on-campus parking," but all of the lots identified on the campus parking maps are patrolled regularly, and you will be ticketed without an up-to-date pass. Register for a parking permit here.

Where can I park?

Campus parking is categorized as either General or Faculty/Staff only, unless signed otherwise (i.e. ADA or short-term parking). Overnight parking is allowed in most General lots, with the exception of B1 (by the Hixson Union Building). Refer to the Parking Areas Map to make sure you're parking in the right place.  

Visitor spots are clearly marked and should be used only by visitors (i.e. no registered vehicles) and other restricted categories (for registered and visitor vehicles) include handicapped, short-term, loading/service, low-emission and motorcycle parking. The Parking Space Type Map shows where these spaces can be found around campus.

I received a parking or traffic violation that I want to dispute. What do I do?

Please refer to the Vehicle Operations Policy if you are uncertain whether you have grounds for a dispute. All appeals and questions should be directed to Whitworth Security via the Parking Citation Appeal Form. Please include the citation number.

I need to rent a vehicle for a club or class outing. How do I go about that?

See the motor pool information page for our vehicle list and policies. Please note that before you submit a vehicle request, you'll need to have a certified driver lined up.

What are the blue lights on campus?

The blue light emergency stations are available for emergency assistance and information, medical assistance, fire alert, reporting crimes or suspicious persons, reporting vehicular accidents, or if you feel unsafe for any reason. Members of the campus community can call emergency personnel with a simple push of a button. When the button is pushed, the LED blue light begins to flash, attracting attention to the location. The emergency phone faceplate is illuminated at all times for clear visibility during the night. Emergency station locations are indicated on the campus map

Is smoking allowed on campus?

Whitworth is a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus. Prohibited products include cigars, cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, all forms of smokeless tobacco, and other smoking devices such as vapor and electronic cigarettes. See the Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy for more details.

Aquatics Solar Array

View Whitworth's solar-energy generation in real time.

Does Whitworth have electric vehicle charging stations?

Yes! There are charging stations in parking lot C1 (west of Baldwin-Jenkins) and in parking lot A1 (south of Hawthorne Road). They are free to use; you just need to download the Greenlots app to your smartphone. Non-plugin vehicles are prohibited from parking in these spots.

For a more complete list of services provided, please view the Services Guide.