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Motor Pool

A number of cars and vans are available for you to use on cabinet-approved* official university business. For the foreseeable future, all trips must be conducted in accordance with the travel guidance given by the COVID Care Team. Trip leaders are responsible for bringing the appropriate personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies.

To reserve a vehicle, submit a Vehicle Request Form. To see a list of your current vehicle requests, head to the my vehicle requests page.

To check if the vehicle you want to request is available, please check the vehicle calendar or the request schedule.

VehicleReduced CapacityHourly RateDaily Rate
Van 2 (4-7 seat minivan 1) 3 $7 $35
Van 3 (4-7 seat minivan 2) 3 $7 $35
Van 4 (12 seats + cargo) 6 $20 $100
Van 5 (15 seats) 7 $20 $100
Van 6 (11 seats + cargo) 5 $20 $100
Van 7 (12 seats, 4WD) 6 $20 $100

(Cost per day is applied to trips running five hours or more in any 24-hour period.)

COVID-19 Travel Guidance

General guidelines: Until such time that the state of Washington enters Phase 4 of reopening, Whitworth travel is restricted to a limited number of exceptions that must be approved by an area vice president. Priority exceptions are those that provide safe student experiences (e.g., forensics or athletic competitions that have been approved by appropriate organizing bodies with appropriate travel protocols in place). Limited exceptions may also include admissions and advancement events (again, provided safe travel protocols are in place), while travel to conferences and seminars would generally not be eligible.

Reservation and Billing Policies

  1. Vehicle requests will be confirmed 3-4 weeks prior to departure based on vehicle availability, driver eligibility andprogrammatic necessity. Rental vehicles used to subsidize the university's fleet are subject to additional terms, so final vehicle assignment will be determined by facilities services.
    • All vehicle requests will be honored to the best of our ability. In case of an unresolvable conflict, the following prioritization applies: academics, student life, outdoor recreation and club activities. Requesters will be contacted in advance in such a case.
    • Requests missing passenger count, driver name or destination will not be considered for vehicle assignment until complete and approved.
  2. Billing will be based upon the hours/days for which the vehicle has been reserved and/or signed out.Credit for early return of a vehicle will not exceed the rate for one hour's use of that vehicle.
  3. Late return of a vehicle will result in double charge for each hour/day or portion thereof beyond the time for which the vehicle was signed out.
    Hourly vehicle rates (reservations four hours or less) include fuel. Per-day rentals (five-plus hours) do not include fuel; vehicles returned with less than the departure reading will incur a refueling charge.

Cancellation Policy

Users are asked to cancel motor pool reservations a minimum of two business days before the scheduled departure time.* Reservations canceled after the deadline will incur a $10 fee. Reservations canceled within 24 hours of scheduled departure, or not canceled at all, will be charged the full amount, not to exceed the cost of one day's rental.

*Reservations canceled for COVID-related reasons (e.g., unrealized phase move or traveler illness/isolation) will not incur charges.

Licensing Requirements

  1. Any person (faculty, staff, student worker or university volunteer) intending to drive a university vehicle must be a certified driver, meaning he/she has a valid driver's license and has completed online training as required by the university's insurance company. Verification of this compliance must be on file with the facilities services office before anyone will be allowed to drive a university vehicle. You can view the current Certified Driver List (requiresintranet access).
    • Please note: Drivers with two or more accidents or moving violations within the past three years may not be eligible for certification.
  2. Passenger vans may only be operated by drivers certified by Facilities Services in accordance with the Campus Vehicle Policy. Please provide at least two weeks' advance notice if van training is required before your trip.
  3. Rental vehicles may only be operated by drivers over 21 years of age.

Operation of vehicles for official university business must be in compliance with the Campus Vehicle Policy; if you have questions about your eligibility to drive please contact facilities services.